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Imagine walking through ancient stone alleys, with lime walls glistening in the sun. The vivid colours of the countryside and the scents of the maquis fill the air. But there is one smell that stands out from the rest - the seemingly familiar yet mysterious scent coming from the kitchens of the housewives and the typical small restaurants overlooking the squares. This scent is as strong, precise and determined as the tradition to which it is linked. What if you could discover the secrets of these intense scents through a cooking class?

A cooking class is not just an opportunity to learn how to cook new recipes. It is an opportunity to immerse yourself in a new culture and tradition. It is an opportunity to discover the flavours and smells that fill the stone alleys and squares of the cities of Puglia.

You will have the chance to learn the secrets of traditional recipes, those that housewives and typical restaurants have perfected over the years. You will learn to create dishes that carry with them the flavour of tradition and the scent of Apulia's Mediterranean scrub.

Choose today to immerse yourself in this sensory experience. Choose to discover the secrets of traditional cuisine. Choose to participate in our cooking class.

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Mediterranean cooking
Masserias and recipes
Traditional recipes
Food and Culture
Centuries-old tradition
Typical Apulian cooking
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Notepad and pen
Comfortable clothing
Smartphone and camera
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Please arrive 15 minutes before the start of the tour.
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